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Terminal 2 was inaugurated in April 1996 as part of the projects designed
to increase capacity at Ben Gurion Airport. Later on, the rate of growth in
the volume of flights and passengers required that a new terminal be opened
and this was inaugurated in April 1998.
Terminal 2 is used for outgoing passengers on some of the international flights
as well as incoming and outgoing passengers on all domestic flights.
There are at present some 18 companies operating on a permanent basis at
Terminal 2 and an additional 6 companies operating on a seasonal basis.

The terminal extends over an area of 3,000 square meters which includes:
Terminals for passengers on international and domestic flights.
12-passport control counters.
33 airline company check-in counters
6 counters for domestic flights
Customs booth
Bank service
Public telephones
Display screens

Near terminal 2 you will find:
A parking lot (for a fee)
The internal shuttle service
Egged bus stops