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Advertising on the airport authority internet site

This is the address of your potential customers and this is your opporutnity to meet
them with special proposals, sales and any other marketing information you would
like to pass on .

The Airports Authority internet site has a million visits per month from Israel and
people around the world and constitutes one of the busiest crossroads for the subject of
aviation on the internet.

Today more and more passengers and commercial companies are using the Airports
Authority internet site to update and gather information on flights, buying
air tickets, arrivals and departures, tours and transportation, restaurants and

The Airports Authority internet site is a source of available and reliable information for
them and for you, the advertiser.
get into the picture, now .
You can place your information (banner) on a page of the site which fits your marketing
needs and attract to it exactly those customers you are aiming at. You can advertise
about flight departures and arrivals, banks, public transport, hotels, travel agencies,
restaurants and more.

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