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 Restraning Order

Ben Gurion Airport has two Terminals. You will be well advised to check the Terminal from which your flight is scheduled to leave before arriving at the Airport.
For your convenience, a vocal answering service has been installed where you may ascertain the time and terminal of departure of your flight.

It is recommended to take advantage of the pre check-in services. This will save time and pressure upon departure. Organized groups may, and are advised to go through the pre check-in procedure at their hotels hostels or schools .
Should you decide to undergo the procedure at Ben-Gurion Airport,you are advised to arrive at the Airport some 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.
But, wait a moment before setting out for the Airport: have you taken along all necessary documents? A reminder: valid passport, flight documents, documents required in the country of destination, etc.
At the Airport, sign posts will direct you to the appropriate check-in area for your flight. If necessary, ground personnel are at your service near the Gates to and inside the Main Hall, particularly on days of heavy traffic.

Bon Voyage! - We miss you already.

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